The Vision


Mission 25 exists to bring education, community development, discipleship, clean water and human trafficking prevention to the 25 provinces of Cambodia. We accomplish this goal through partnership with the local church in both the United States and Cambodia.

Our Beginnings

During our first trip to Cambodia in 2013, we were introduced to a beautiful, but broken country. We saw immense poverty, abuse and heartbreak. We also saw hope, beauty and a desire to learn and grow. We realized that giving children in disadvantaged villages an education, community development, discipleship programs, and clean water, gives them opportunity, confidence, and a way out of the cycle of poverty. The vision of Mission 25 was born out of need, but thrives because the people of Cambodia are committed to growing and learing.

There Is Hope

In late 2017, the first Mission 25 school was opened in Pursat, Cambodia. The school currently has 80 students that attend daily and acts as a community center and church during the weekends. M25 funds the 2 teachers salaries and works to make sure that the kids have all they need to grow and learn. Mission 25 will be opening the 2nd large project in February 2019. This project is a drop-in center servicing women and children who have been exploited and trafficked. The goal of the center is to offer a safe place to learn and grow for 2 slum communities. Our belief is that the work done in these communities will bring about change for generations.

Will You Join Us

The goal of Mission 25 will be to see the value of education and the love of Jesus spread to the 25 provinces of Cambodia. Mission 25 offers the Western church the opportunity to partner with the Cambodian church in bringing these very important things to very remote places. The God we serve is faithful, loving, and kind. He desires to see His children taken care of.

We hope you will consider partnering with Mission 25 through prayer or finances to empower and equip the people of Cambodia.