Our Story Part II

Picking up where I left off is the hardest part of this. Even though we THOUGHT that getting on a plane and going to Cambodia in 2013 was hard, and asking other people to see Cambodia was hard, and taking a team to another country was hard. We had no idea. Once we got back to the states after our first team trip, some things began to unravel with the ministry we were working with in Cambodia. Money from other donors wasn’t going to the right places. Employees were being fired. We found ourselves in many long conversations and email threads. Reasons were given. Accusations thrown about one person and another. I could tell you stories for hours, but I will save the gory details. The only thing we knew was that things were not right and we couldn’t continue with the ministry we were working with.

Through all of this turmoil (which went on for about 9 months) we still held on to the vision that God had given us for the ministry in Cambodia. It was changing a bit, but one thing stayed the same… we wanted to reach the people of this tiny country with Hope and Love.  We began to understand that God gives us vision, so we can work toward something and set goals, but we also learned that God gives us vision to sustain us. He knows that trials will come. He knows we will face storms.  I think if we hadn’t had a clear vision from God about what He would have us do in Cambodia, we would have walked away. This stuff is hard! It is confusing.  It is frustrating. It is certainly a lot easier to just not do it.

After so much prayer, so much discussion and many words of encouragement and support from amazing friends (many of whom had no idea all of this was happening!) We have decided to move a head with Mission 25. Why? 2 reasons.

  1. We went to bed thinking about it and we woke up thinking about it. God wouldn’t let US let IT go.
  2. No one has the right to scare you away from serving God.. and this situation was no different.

So that being said, we go until God says “Nope” and we don’t see that happening any time soon.

The main goal of Mission 25 is to bring education, discipleship, clean water and human trafficking prevention to the 25 provinces of Cambodia. We will accomplish this goal through partnership with the local church in both the United States and Cambodia. There is no doubt in our minds that God hasn’t already done a mighty work for Mission 25. There is no doubt that He will continue to do amazing things.  Our prayer in our family is this: “Here I am Lord, Send me”. We will continue to rest in the assurance that He will use us and honor our willingness to serve Him, wherever that takes us.




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