The Well

The Well – Mission 25 Drop-in Center
In September 2017, Mission 25 opened the first school in Pursat, Cambodia. We began praying
about where God would have us next. He led us to 2 groups of people that share a similar
dynamic. This group lives in deep poverty in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It
includes men, women, and children. Many of the women are actively involved in the sex trade
and the men are often, pimps, johns, drug dealers and addicts. Almost every child living in this
environment is a victim of sexual abuse, exploitation, or trafficking. If they have not been
trafficked yet, they will be. Since 2016 we have been working within these slums, and we knew
God wanted us to do more.
The next goal of Mission 25 is to create a drop-in center in Phnom Penh, close to these two
groups. Since most things in Cambodia exist in a family system (even the terrible things) we
must work within that family system in order to create change. The goal of the drop in center is
to build trust and relationship within the communities, offering to tutor to the younger
children (most haven’t completed 2nd grade and cannot be in a regular school environment),
daily lunch, counseling opportunities, and job training.
We will call this drop-in center “The Well” after the story of Hagar (Genesis 16:13-14) and the
woman at the well (John 4:1-39); We have a God that sees. We believe our God sees these
precious creations and has a better plan for them.

We are still looking for monthly and one-time donors to ensure that The Well continues for many years to come.

You can become a donor by visiting our online donation site, or by contacting us at